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The Eastern School District believes that the need to understand and use mathematics in everyday life and in the workplace has never been greater. As such, the curriculum is built on the belief that students should learn important mathematical concepts and process with understanding - features of a high quality mathematics education. The curriculum is an Atlantic Canada Curriculum that is shaped by a vision which fosters the development of mathematically literate students who can extend and apply their learning and who are effective participants in an increasingly technological society.

The curriculum highlights the importance of 3 components of proficiency - conceptual knowledge, procedural skill and factual knowledge. More specifically, the curriculum content is organized around the following General Curriculum Outcomes (GCO's) for each Grade k - Level III.

  • GCO A Number Concepts
  • GCO B Number Operations
  • GCO C Patterns and Relations
  • GCO D Measurement
  • GCO E Geometry
  • GCO F Data Management
  • GCO G Probability
Integrated throughout all aspects of the curriculum content are the processes that students are engaged to learn important mathematics. The Eastern school district believes that through the processes of communicating, reasoning, making connections, reasoning and problem solving that student learning and achievement for all students will be enhanced. The district also believes that this high level of achievement is much more attainable when schools and parents work together to foster a positive attitude toward mathematics and its importance in everyday life.

The links to the left provide some resources and ideas that parents may wish to use in their support of mathematics education.

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