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Fine Arts Program

Drama, music, and the visual arts are vehicles through which peoples make meaning of the complexities of life, and make connections among and between themselves and others. The arts offer enjoyment, delight, and stimulate imagination. They provide a common thread of understanding across generations. In short, the arts describe, define, and deepen human experience in ways that are personal and global, real and magical.

There are key aspects of arts education that are deeply personal and cannot easily be expressed as immediately measurable outcomes. They do, however, make a significant contribution to the achievement of essential graduation learnings. (Foundation for the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Education Curriculum, p.11)

Eastern School District both provides and supports education in the arts. Music, visual arts and drama are core components of our curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Learning in the arts moves from broad based programming in elementary and intermediate schools to more specialized outcomes in the high school program. Our fine arts programs reflect both local and multicultural contexts. The unique cultural heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador is recognized and celebrated throughout the curriculum.

At Eastern school District, we believe that music education is vital to the holistic development of each learner. The musical development of all students is a foundational principle of the provincial curriculum. Our curriculum provides for a wide range of musical experiences. In classroom, choral and instrumental contexts, and through a variety of resources, students are provided the opportunity to engage in meaningful learning through performing, listening to and creating music. The Music curriculum at both the elementary and intermediate levels builds upon a continuum of skills and knowledge. It prepares students for future secondary studies as well as developing the foundation for potential careers in a variety of arts and cultural sectors and industries.

Drama is a means to help students discover, feel and express their ideas and experiences. It is fundamental to language development and a powerful means for teachers to integrate learning across the curriculum. Drama encourages students to demonstrate understanding through writing, speaking, moving, listening and creating. In the elementary and intermediate grades, drama is integrated in many curriculum areas. At the secondary level, the study of theatre arts addresses a wide range of conventions, techniques and genres.

Visual Arts
The visual arts curriculum encourages students to explore, develop, challenge and express ideas using specific skills, language and processes. The study of visual arts heightens the awareness of the value of the role visual arts in student's own and other cultures. In a world where the majority of our communication is done visually, students need to able to understand, create and communicate visually. Through exploring and talking about art through history and from around the world, students gain an appreciation of their own and other cultures.


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